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[FAWE] Some WorldEdit commands and tabbed text cause crashes
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I was the only person online when these errors occurred, so I know for certain these caused crashes. Most of this is likely to be out of our range, i.e. we'll have to report this bug to FAWE or WorldEdit, but here it is here anyways since it affects the server.

WorldEdit commands which contain the exclamation point (!) used along with an id-style blocktype will cause the server to crash. //replace also hasn't been working properly with ids, sometimes it skips over blocks it should be catching, which might be related since ! just negates the selection. If the normal blocktype selection is bad, its negation will be worse.

WorldEdit commands which include the 1.13/1.14 result of chat auto correcting (default is Tab) will also cause a server crash. These objects contain the section sign (§) as part of their coloration, which is recognized as an invalid char on the server.

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TheArchiteck created this task.

I could do with some logs to show FAWE devs what's going on (it's very hard to persuade developers there's ever something wrong with their plugin) - if you can crash a server and give me a time, I should be able to give them proper logs and keep them happy. Otherwise, I could mention this to Brian.

I'd like to better redefine the first issue, as it doesn't seem to affect all commands in general as I originally thought, and it has an odd kicking behavior rather than a crashing behavior.

It seems to be local to typing in //replace ![blocktype] [blocktype]. It also does not need to be executed, only entered into the chat bar. The effect is immediate. It must be using //replace, and if the two entries are not blocktypes, or if the exclamation point is missing, the bug will not occur. The apparent "crash" that does occur when all of this is entered into the char bar is not really a crash per se, but a kick of the user who entered it in. Oddly enough an error message displays as if the server has gone down, when it has not.

The kicking behaviour seems to be a wider spread issue to Create instead of just a FAWE issue - I've had it when going through my chat history (up arrow), setting a nickname...

This seems to be a protocol issue - either some mismatch between ViaVersion and ProtocolLib, or an issue with ProtocolLib itself. We still don't know what's causing it!

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I'm not able to reproduce crashing anymore on Blocktopia, but my chat does get spammed with this