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Sketchmaps and Item Frame Maps Broken
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Sketchmaps and Item Frame Maps are all broken, again.

Is it possible they can be automatically bulk updated in-frame somehow, without having to go through each and every single one by hand?

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SirComputer added a subscriber: SirComputer.EditedJul 26 2019, 11:13 PM

I had expected this. My best bet is that the item frame IDs for the new server were recreated as maps won't have existed in the server's store, so stuff went oof.

Might be a difficult one to solve... some NBT mass-replacer would be a good one to look into, although from a quick Google it's going to seem difficult to find.

TheArchiteck closed this task as Wontfix.Aug 23 2019, 6:54 AM

After making a few more interesting observations, I have come to the conclusion that the proposed NBT mass-replacer fix would not actually help ease the workload. In fact, it might be harder to do than just going around replacing them by hand.

First of all, I have observed that the maps in their frames have unstable IDs, that is, they appear to have all shifted ID values. This is most likely what lead to the problem.

But not only do the current IDs do not correspond to the original map data that was intended to be placed on those maps, but two maps which had the same map data before might now have unmatching data. That is to say, two maps which previously held the same ID might now lead to two separate IDs. There is evidence of this in the occasional frame on FlatTwo, which turns into something it should not whilst its brothers remain blank. The situation is hopelessly scrambled. So, even if we were to attempt the use of an NBT mass-replacer, we would still have to go through item frame by item frame and change each one independently, and at this point it would be more efficient to just replace them by hand than to go searching for some replacer tool which we don't even know exists, go through the trouble of installing it or learning how to run it, etc.

Marking this as WontFix.