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blocktopia-gamechat gives Novice rank two spaces
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If a user who is Novice rank speaks on the server, their corresponding response recorded in blocktopia-gamechat does not include their rank tag [Novice] beside their username.

While the Novice rank tag appears on the server, and on the join and leave messages, it does not appear beside the discord messages corresponding directly to in-game chat messages.

UPDATE 01/08 (@SirComputer ) - fixed but the Novice rank has two spaces after it

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I reckon it's because Novice is the 'default' rank.

Pending reboot - this could either go good or horribly wrong.

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The Novice rank has two spaces after it. I checked in DiscordSRV and that looks set up right. Is it a similar glitch to the one we had with TAB earlier? I'm not the best one to fix that one.

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I fixed it. It was the same as the one in TAB. In fact, the one in TAB had come back, meaning they were related. Making sure it doesn't happen again.