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Self-hosting BT's WordPress instance
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I've got experience making WordPress themes and hosting WordPress instances.

I'd like to set up a WordPress multisite cluster, or set up a MediaWIki wikifarm in order to sustainably host static content in future. User account integration is currently expensive with XF2, so would probably be the longest part of making this. Our current wiki is currently broken and probably will not return.

A self-hosted instance would allow us to customise our own CSS and theme files, allowing us much more customisation with themes. We'd also be able to spawn as many instances as we needed without extra cost.

This would be a longer-term project and likely my last one before I re-retire. Thoughts on this would be appreciated!

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SirComputer triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Jul 30 2019, 5:16 PM
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Added sub-tasks to experiment with feature

I did see an addon for Xenforo that integrated a wiki inside of it, wonder how that would look

An instance is set up - just depends if we want to use it.