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FAWE + Dependant Plugins for Spec+
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Everything FAWE dependant seems to have broken.
No FAWE: no GoBrush: no GoPaint: no Arceon: no Voxel for Adv+, or a mixture working/not working for some people.

Robin has Voxel, but not worldedit.

Swift has Cylinders, but no Voxel.

Some have GoPaint.

Nobody has Arceon, GoBrush.

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Compiled from staff discord, from Swift:

GoBrush: Leftclick/Rightclick a feather - opens a GUI. [Nothing]
GoPaint: Leftclick/Rightclick a piece of flint - opens a GUI. [Nothing]
GoBrush: /gbtoggle - toggles gobrush - enables use. [Unknown Command]
GoPaint: /gptoggle - toggles gopaint - enables use. [Unknown Command]
Arceon: //wiki - links the creator's wiki, for a command list. [Unknown Command]
Arceon: Leftclick (start new curve) / Rightclick (attach to curve) a piece of paper - usually selects positions for marking points for the curve to pass through. [Nothing]
Arceon: Commands on [All Unknown Command]

[Builder] TheAgentGamer: any of the FAWE brush commands that have any of the file/clipboard/null stuff after the radius
[Builder] TheAgentGamer: what it states is: "There was an error handling a FAWE command: [See console]
[Builder] TheAgentGamer: com.sk89q.worldedit.util.command.parametric.parameterexception: Invalid image null"
Hex added a comment.Mon, Aug 12, 5:31 PM

goPaint is solved, goBrush + Arceon still need to be fixed up

Hex closed this task as a duplicate of T59: [FAWE] Arceon X11-thing.Wed, Aug 14, 7:30 AM