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FAWE Commands for Landscaping/Terrain editing not working
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The FAWE Command /br height (number) null (number) (number) isn't working. When I try to use it, it states:

There was an error handling a FAWE command: [See console] com.sk89q.worldedit.util.command.parametric.ParameterException: Invalid image null

The command is used for landscaping, which is something I would like if it was fixed as soon as possible. Same could be said for anyone who tries to edit terrain for the build(s). However in relation to other issues I dont know if its that major so ill just leave priority at normal I guess.

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Always helps if I add Create as a project (I'm an idiot, sorry!)

Most likely a FAWE issue rather than ours.

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as SirC said / claimed, and the FAWE devs have confirmed - its on their end to fix.

I will close this issue as soon as they release an update and its live on Create, thank you!

I've updated FAWE to the latest build and it appears to be working just fine now :)