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Some images shrink or blur when not logged in
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When viewing the main page or the forums while logged out, certain images shrink or blur. Not sure how much this is intended, but it is a little weird and annoying sometimes.

Examples attached.

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Hex added a subscriber: Hex.Aug 12 2019, 7:08 PM

I believe this is fixed now, won't mark until you can confirm @TheArchiteck

It does not appear to be fixed yet on my end.

Take or for instance. Attempting to view these files while logged out returns a "You must be logged-in to do that" prompt for me.

Hex added a comment.Aug 15 2019, 6:43 AM

Ah right, thats probably because they are hosted on our site. It's been that way for ages and sadly not too sure on how to fix it, SirC may tho

Some images are not affected by this, though. Consider the Blocktopia is Here! post's main content, for example. It seems these unaffected images use a proxy.php that redirects an imgur link through the site, rather than being hosted directly on the site.

While a fix to the host-restriction would be better, if that's not possible we could also use this imgur-proxying and circumvent the problem altogether. Though I also recognize, if either of those options are too much work, this is not much of a major issue. We could also just mark it WontFix and forget about it, because really, a blurred image here or there won't hurt anyone, especially if it's just folks who aren't logged in yet.

Fixed fixed. Unregistered users didn't have group permissions to view attachments, so instead of being handled with the built in lightbox, it was falling back on basic html. This has since been resolved.

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