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Mod Perms Messed Up
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Not sure if this applies to all mods but my perms are very messed up. No /kick, /mute unless we've changed command systems and I'm being dumb. I also can't /hat (not urgent but still fun to play with) and advbuilders can /gamemode people which I don't think is really great. It's not the absolutely most urgent thing right now but if staffing needs to be done I'm no use in terms of keeping unruly players at bay. Thanks :)

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Several notes:

Nicknames are screwed up server-wide, they need their own error report. That's going to involve some patching through CMI and VentureChat, and stuff. Edit: see T68.

/hat is just lacking a perm, also CMI. Probably a separate error report too, though I can just fix that right now... Edit: Fixed, added cmi.command.hat to Specialist Rank and above, and to Donors.

Hex is looking into the mute thing now as well. Edit: Fixed a few things myself. CMI aliases were taking the place of the ban manager aliases.

For the AdvBuilders having /gamemode on other users, see: T69

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I think all the bugs mentioned here have either been solved or redirected to their own individual bug reports. Marking this as resolved.