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Nicknames do not appear in tab
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CMI nicknames do not work. This was noticed by sessybessy over on T67. Probably needs to have a different API object inside VentureChat's namespace thing.

Edit: Added the CMI permission nodes for nicknaming, cmi.command.nick, cmi.command.nick.others. Just looking for the actual cmi nickname functionality API object, needs to be put into place on VentureChat and TAB config.

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I think Hex has fixed this by using VentureChat's nickname functionality instead and disabling CMI's? As VentureChat handles chat, it seems to work best, and CMI's placeholders (which I believe is the "nickname functionality API object" you were referencing, see didn't seem to work very well with VentureChat.

Will resolve once I've checked this

TheArchiteck lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.Aug 22 2019, 4:41 AM

I've gone ahead and looked around. Nicknames work fine in chat, but the issue is not perfectly resolved because they do not appear correctly in tab. Changing task description and priority to update the situation.

Also, CMI has a built in username-autocomplete feature which recognizes nicknames. Common commands like /seen, /tp, and others would recognize nicknames as equivalent to usernames if we used CMI nicknames. Perhaps we should be using both CMI's and VentureChat's nickname function simultaneously? Some well-crafted aliases would probably do the trick.

TheArchiteck renamed this task from Nicknames are broken to Nicknames do not appear in tab.Aug 22 2019, 4:42 AM

Fixed, had to use a new placeholder and had to update PlaceholderAPI.