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FlatTwo Rail Map Changelog
Updated 189 Days AgoPublic

Map next due for update at the start of February

31/12/19 F4325

  • NCRR Torby extension added, stopping in the Oscdean State
  • Asunda added
  • Lancastria Airport pending extension removed due to it not being built
  • NCRR East Bonitana extension added
  • GCR Newport extension added
  • Barkshire Downtown renamed to Barkshire Central
  • Porkistania stations renamed to Trenton Mills

02/08/19 F1112

  • Some Atlas stations removed in the rebuild
  • NCRR terminus moved to Dalkai
  • GWML Dalkai station given proper name of "Raven Hollow"
  • Crossrail line added
  • New Superlink stations added
  • MetroEast lines fully built (station buildings still to be built)

08/06/19 F4331

  • Lancastrian rail develops
  • Southwest Superlink marked as 'open' (there should be more stations being built though)
  • MetroEast completes majority of tracks, extends N-S line to Almere Central
  • GCR ceases to serve Almere West from the north due to MetroEast opening
  • Alphia part of NCRR marked as under construction due to lack of platforms

13/05/19 F4330

  • RLI has been renamed to Superlink. Purple is not the company's preferred colour, but it works best on the map (plus purple is red + blue!)
  • Atlas Terminal removed, Hogetown added based on services currently appearing to be ran
  • New Southwestern Chord added as under construction
  • MetroEast line cut back to Barkshire Downtown
  • NCRR marked as under construction as there aren't enough stations built to form a line
  • Barkshire stations renamed for some reason
  • Orbital Rail made more orange
  • Lancastria's stations will be more complex - I am still to map this.
  • GCR Marino Line now open

01/04/19 F4329

  • BlackCon removed, MetroEast added as replacement
  • NCRR added - Elysia to TBHQ via Scion
  • Added GCR Marino extension

01/03/19 F4335

  • GWML Torby extension opened

26/01/19 F4334

  • Map expansion! The rail map has been significantly increased in size. This will look weird until the map is populated with more railways, as some geographical scale is used to draw lines.
  • The upcoming GCR Torby Line has been added
  • New Atlas Commuter Express (under the RLI banner) stations have been added
  • Barkshire Central has been added


  • Byfair North renamed to Barkshire
  • No significant changes have been made, therefore updating the map will be withheld until the next update

19/11/18 F4333

  • Added Elysia station
  • GCR Airport Line now terminates at Elysia, no stop at Scion
  • Added Handel station (Novenae East)
  • Renamed Barrowlands to Porkistan
  • Added Atlas Stadium station

07/11/18 F4332

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